Canada Donations

New and exciting ways for Canadians to give back to their communities

         Canada donations aims to inform the general public of some ways they can give back to their community. We provide information on all sorts of charities and organizations across Canada that have unique spins on ways people can help support their communities. All across Canada there number of organizations ranging from large to small that are all taking different angles to Canada donations, be it the United Way, Children’s aid society, World vision, NPPG Canada, Movember Canada or any organization looking to help Canadians and their communities. These organizations strive to help their communities and need your support to continue to do so.

         Canadians have many choices to where to donate their money and because of this can get overwhelmed and not make a sound decision on where to donate. This where Canada donations comes in by providing you with all the information needed to make an informed decision on what organizations are the best to donate to and get involved with. We will also give you all the information needed to provide a donation directly to these organizations and also ways you can help organizations in other unique ways. There are many ways in which you can help your community that don't always include money donations. Some people feel that donating means giving money to an organization but there is so much more to it than that. Some examples include a Calgary Alberta food drive called 'Stuff a Bus' , worldwide prostate cancer fund raiser 'Movember' or a Canada wide company providing corporate discounts to non-profit organizations 'NPPG Canada'. Be sure to check our site regularily for new and excting ways in which you can donate within Canada

        If you are an organization or individual looking for more information on how to be featured on Canada donations please fill out the contact form. We are always looking for new content about organizations or people making a difference in Canada.